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Since I had to cancel my travel plans last week for my university’s spring break, I decided, based on a friend’s recommendation, to sign up for a week of online classes at Il Centro instead. After taking nearly two years of “in-person” lessons at Il Centro, I was excited, but a little nervous to try out this new format.

I had set my expectations low, assuming that the lessons would be less interactive and less interesting than the in-person courses I had taken previously. I am happy to say that I was wrong about that! The way the class was structured allowed for both whole-group and small-group interactions and the online platform, Zoom, actually enhanced the learning experience.

For example, using the screen sharing function, we were able to showcase our writing compositions and then work as a group to edit each other’s work.

Everyone could see the edits happening in real-time on the screen! We discussed different readings, audio, and videos, we prepared a debate, and on Friday, our teacher even organized a game of Taboo! I had planned to only take a week of lessons, but I just decided to enroll in the online evening courses as well so that I can do them while I continue my studies in the USA.

If you’re not  sure about taking online Italian classes, my advice is to just try it out! You’ll be surprised how simple the process is and how much you can learn in this format!