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Italian Language School Online Learn Italian online with Il Centro

At our Italian language school Online you can attend Real Italian Courses ONLINE with native our teachers. Learn Italian online easily with great and exclusive learning  materials, a strong  teaching experience and  proven methodology .

 “il Centro” Italian school online is the best learning solution to improve and practice your Italian: for beginners or for advanced students, for fun or for business needs. Give it a try with our free Italian lesson.

Don’t forget that our internet Italian courses meet all your needs and provide maximum teaching and learning quality and unbeatable time flexibility.

Italian language institute online

Italian Courses Online - learn Italian with "Il Centro" Milan.

Learning Italian online it’s easy and fun with Il Centro

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At our Italian language school we offer you more than 3 decades of experience to succeed in becoming fluent with our language: you can simply attend your  live online Italian lesson from  home or anyplace!

As you were participating in a real in place classroom you’ll share your experience with other students and do fun activities that are essential for learning Italian: you’ll play with linguistic games, quizzes, grammar and vocabulary exercises.

With “il centro” Italian school online you’ll get an extensive teaching experience and exclusive materials. You’ll have the same teacher, same approach and same activities as in place lesson. The location is a little different – now it’s  your home!

Learn italian Online with Il Centro- italian language school


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